ink on embossed paper 22 x 90
Forest in the Shallows (kelp) 2022-23,
Forest in the Shallows detail Coal on Ice; Death Warmed Over, anthracite cast in epoxy 8 x 8 x 3
each composed of 5 or 6 hand sculpted components 84 x 128
Good Night Sea Bed 2023-24, 550 individual hand built ceramic objects,
Good Night Sea Bed 2023-24 550 individual hand built ceramic objects, each composed of 5 or 6 hand sculpted components 84 x 128 detail
Good Night Sea Bed,
Good Night Sea Bed with Under/growth Smoke 2024, hand built raku ceramics on panel 48 x 34
Smoke detail
Silty Shore or Abyssal Plain, ink on embossed paper 33 x 55
Tears, tears 1, 2, 3 2023, ink on embossed paper 38 x 20.5
Tears, tears 2 detail
Might Cedar 2024, ink on embossed paper 84 x 24
Might Cedar detail

Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, 2024

I don’t know what to say.

I found myself over my head in icy water walking in a forest of kelp. Though it can get much taller, in that cove the kelp was about my height, and there we were, the kelp, uncountable other forms of life, and me, in the shallows of the sea. The kelp forest was vast; no comprehensible single plant, no perceivable limit to the millions of them, or to the vast one of them.

The band of earth and air we occupy is shallow. Here is where we see all the beauty and do all the damage, where the roots are tangled, and the branches torn. I’ve sought to work here consciously – well, where else? – to probe this realm and study it through paper, ink, clay, and the rest.