The Headroom (and flowering girlhood)
LIQUID incorporated
The Contemporary, Atlanta; Assemblage No. 31

Signal Yellow 512 Strand Polyester Nautical Line String Beam snaked through I section roof rafters and corrugated metal deck (fasteners exposed) and braided, knotted, and bowed to same with poor unwanted then lost then found multiple variety cotton bags and bag cotton remnants hoisted, laced ,and strung every witch way by Mark mostly. And from the String Beam also lashed to cantilever them are hardwood, bows and marionette-style lathe (no unseen operator from ‘above speaking dialogue) to hold the fishing line shining in threes to the centroid of each hoop, some hoola style -enameled yellow, some Pocahontas fabric coated painted out orange, and some natural banded PVC yellow off the rack -and some wreath style – bound grass wreath ready for holiday personalization in three sizes: fat wheat, big wheat, and petite wheat. These and others having been affixed to marionette-style hardwood stays and bows by multiple forlorn ironed mostly by Hugh cotton bags or rags of bag cotton. Hoops then suspended at the other Mark’s Adam’s apple measure of the man to make the headroom horizon. Grownup heads thereby severed with plenty of Childs room in the body space below. Each hoop in its own fashion then worked upon with forlorn cotton bags and bag cotton, baby pink tulle, champagne chiffon, plain brown cotton twine, white nylon parachute droppings, etc., in – among others – the school yard technologies of braiding, lanyard-style knotting, rope jumping, assorted tyings, splicings, scissorings, slipknottings, paper chainings, and bow tyings not to mention attachments by some 14 gross shiny stainless-steel dry cleaning safety pins.